Nightingale launches the new Veet Miraculous™ Oil

08.05.2020 posted in Beauty

Taking care of your skin before and after depilation is a pleasure with the new Veet Miraculous™ Oil

Routines are important, especially during these troubled times. A moment for yourself – in the form of a cup of tea or moisturizing your skin after a shower – gives a feeling of safety and comfort. One of our newest clients Veet inspires to be extra sweet to your skin and yourself – always, but now extra – with the new Miraculous™ Oil. You can apply this nourishing oil both before and after depilation (even on your face), for a feeling of well-being.

Do you have a lot of stress or is your head full of thoughts? By consciously building moments in your day when you go out of your mind and inside your body, you can better deal with that. You do not necessarily have to create such a mindful posture on a yoga pillow, but you can find it in simple routines such as walking the dog or rubbing your hands or body with a nice oil with great attention. The Miraculous Oil by Veet feels wonderfully relaxed and pampers your senses even more thanks to the nice scent. Unlike other skin oils, you can use the Miraculous Oil on your entire body and even on your face.


Skin irritations

Now that the sun is showing more and more and we want beautiful tanned legs, we’re back to depilating. But there are a few things involved here. Because which method you use, you not only remove hairs, but also the protective layer of the skin that repels bacteria and keeps the skin flexible. This can lead to unpleasant skin irritations such as redness, dryness and small pimples – of course the last thing you want to deal with when you get ready to put on your favorite dress or skirt. By applying the Miraculous Oil before and after depilation, you provide the skin with its need for hydration. The result is a soft, glowy and smooth skin.

100% natural, for body and face

Veet’s Miraculous Oil consists of 100% natural oils. For example, shea butter is known for its ultra-moisturizing properties and argan oil helps the skin to better retain moisture, so that it looks smooth and youthful. Avocado oil is full of vitamin E, helps the elasticity of the skin and has a restorative power. Sweet almond oil reduces skin irritations, grape seed oil makes the skin velvety soft and sunflower oil, finally, helps the skin to renew itself. Because the Miraculous Oil is completely natural, you can use it carefree on your body and face. It allows the razor to glide better over the skin (so that ingrown hairs do not have a chance) and it cares for the skin after hair removal for up to 24 hours. Whether you have dry, normal or oily skin: the Miraculous Oil is sure to become your new spring and summer favorite.

Veet Miraculous™ Oil is now available in Belgium at your local Di, Kruidvat, Delhaize and soon at Carrefour and Colruyt.