Antwerp, Belgium

C.P. Company x Gorillaz at VIER Antwerp

London, England

C.P. Company presents: Eyes on the City in London

Antwerp, Belgium

Meet Suntapes

During the Nightingale Supper Club dinner, guests were not only treated to a unique food concept, but rather a 360 experience. A significant element in this experience was the live music performance by Tomas Vanderplaetse, known by his stage name Suntapes. 

Antwerp, Belgium

ESPRIT x Opening Ceremony

The third act in a nostalgic trilogy adds maturity to the blend. "In our first two seasons working with ESPRIT, we tapped into our teenage years hanging out at the mall. This is ESPRIT by Opening Ceremony going off to college." 

Antwerp, Belgium

Creative Exchanges: The Cutlery Project

The knife, fork, tablespoon and teaspoon of the The Cutlery Project seem to have gone directly from sketch to the factory, which is illustrated perfectly by the characteristic, irregular zigzag edge of the knives. With their distinctive, yet minimalistic look, the cutlery complemented the table setting seamlessly during Nightingale’s private dinner.

Antwerp, Belgium

Morobé launches first handbag collection

The Belgian label Morobé, known for its statement shoes, launched its own handbag line for the first time. The collection consists of three models: 'La Grande Vérité', 'La Petite Vérité' and 'La Reine de Morobé'. The designs are minimalistic, but with a clear twist that gives the handbags their recognizable look.

Antwerp, Belgium

Nightingale Magazine °5 | The Closed Edition SS18

People believe that the choices they make are due to a rational analysis of available possibilities. Brands, however, are getting more aware that emotions greatly influence and even define our decision-making process. This, and more, in the SS18 edition of the Nightingale magazine

Ghent, Belgium


CLUSTR aesthetics collective, a new initiative by the former distributors of Moroso Belgium, is the new B4B meeting space where creative talent and interior professionals can meet. “We hope that at CLUSTR, guests can become participants”

Antwerp, Belgium

When Brands Collide

The creators behind Fred & Ginger, Hilde & Co and Ginger already had a strong selection of designs to cater to both women and children, but as the saying goes: united we stand, divided we fall.

Antwerp, Belgium

Boffi & Nightingale | Kindred Spirits

Recently, Boffi's showroom and flagship-store in Antwerp underwent a complete renovation, updating it to the contemporary philosophy of the brand’s identity. To communicate this change in aesthetic, Boffi turned to Nightingale to help them reach the right audience and strike the right tone.

Antwerp, Belgium

RAINS takes Antwerp by storm

Following the launch of two new retail locations, one in Melbourne and in Paris, RAINS aims to take over the Belgian market. As it's their first retail location in Belgium, RAINS once again turns to Nightingale to assist them with the opening and communication of this launch event.

Berlin, Germany

Trade Fair Insights | Berlin '17 Edition

Earlier this week, Nightingale attended the bi-annual trade fairs in Berlin to share their vision on the future of retail. But besides this exhibition, the Nightingale Antwerp and Berlin staff reserved time to visit the fair as well, returning with their heads filled with inspiration. A synopsis of our insights.

Antwerp, Belgium

An acquisition of the highest gear

In the light of the release of their highly anticipated E-Pace compact SUV model, Jaguar will partner with Nightingale for the communication of the official reveal event in London, focusing on the Benelux market.

Berlin, Germany

Nightingale at #FASHIONTECH Berlin

Nightingale is showcasing new retail solutions at the #RetailTech Space during the July 5th edition of #FASHIONTECH Berlin. At this exhibition, which is part of PREMIUM’s trade fair platform, Nightingale will reveal a glimpse of their take on the ‘Concept Store of the Future’. 

Antwerp, Belgium

Switch the Channel

For our 'Concept Store' open days during the 26th and 27th of April, Gents created an award-winning experience that activated guests to create their own content.

Antwerp, Belgium

Re:connecting the 3310

Nightingale is proud to announce that it has added Nokia to its client portfolio. We will be assisting Nokia in launching several mobile models throughout the Benelux in the upcoming months.

Antwerp, Belgium

The Re:Collection | 125 years of Veritas

Recently, Nightingale added Belgian retail chain Veritas to its client portfolio. Veritas assigned Nightingale its 125 years campaign, for which the 125th birthday of the iconic brand will be celebrated...

Antwerp, Belgium

Future of Fashion is live. FoF is a new Belgium-based, independent digital trade and business magazine for fashion professionals...

Antwerp, Belgium

Creative Exchanges

Experimental marketing agency Nightingale is launching its brand-new flexi-working concept ‘Creative Exchanges’. Nightingale’s head office in Antwerp happens to have ample room that freelancers can use for flexi-working...

Antwerp, Belgium

A flawless look with MUD

Airbrushing is one of the leading methods to apply make-up for television and fashion shows in Hollywood, Paris and London, but it’s not yet a common technique in Belgium...

Berlin, Germany

Forget hotspots, here are Berlin's Offspots

"These are no hotspots, and we don’t want to be an average travel guide." If you are travelling to Berlin any time soon, make sure you check out Offspots...

Antwerp, Belgium

Art Partout x Oogst magazine

Art Partout, the Antwerp gallery that focuses on graphic work and multiples, recommends an impressive subscription deal by Oogst magazine. Anyone who signs up for a so-called ‘friend subscription’ will not only receive four issues of Oogst magazine, but also... 

Brussels, Belgium

Meet Maxime Fauconnier

He’s only 25 years old, but already has a bedazzling resume. Meet Maxime Fauconnier, a Brussels based director and photographer...

Antwerp, Belgium

Let's get graphical

They were born in the same year, studied product development together and share a thorough passion for music and graphics. Brought together by their shared interests and disinterests, Kilian, Pieter and Dieter founded their visual agency...

London, United Kingdom

Have you met ‘Mr. Blue?’

Dominique Vindevogel, known as the driving force behind bespoke suit label Butch Tailors, has launched a book on the importance on a well-tailored suit...

Antwerp, Belgium


Food-lovers, beware: on the 24th of November, HERITAGE HOUSE has officially opened its doors. This ‘store-meets-gallery’ offers a platform for premium Belgian food design, be it table-wear, kitchen-wear or actual food. 

Antwerp, Belgium

Morobé x Chiara Ferragni

It all started with an Instagram post: a picture of two dusky pink velvet boots. This is how Virginie Morobé’s designs made their way to The Blonde Salad, the lifestyle platform created by businesswoman and social media icon Chiara Ferragni...

Antwerp, Belgium

Need a Drink? Yes, sir!

To prepare a Snicker's Old Fashioned, start filling the glass with ice cubes; these are preferably large. Use them straight from the freezer, since this will keep them ‘dry’...

London, United Kingdom

"Pure gut feeling"

She’s only 23, and already the preferred photographer and director of several Belgian bands such as Oscar And The Wolf and Bazart...

Antwerp, Belgium

The Gå Nord Pop-Up

Wednesday the 30th of November brand new food concept Gå Nord opened the doors of its exclusive pop-up in the Little Brewers Winter Garden. With this tasteful appetizer...

Kortrijk, Belgium

Mary who?

“We wanted to make a statement to counter the fact that a new gin is being launched every week these days.” This autumn, Sophie Gheysens and Thomas Baert from Deluxe Distillery are directing their full focus on the revival of vodka... 

Copenhagen, Denmark

Craftsmanship, honest materials and innovative forms

New Works is a Copenhagen based design house that represents “a collection of work inspired by the senses”. The brand’s central values are...

Antwerp, Belgium

Arte Antwerp FW16 Port d'Anvers

Always trying to find a balance between delivering aesthetics and clear-cut simplicity, Arte Antwerp kept its FW16 collection practical cool. Once again inspired by the city, the brand's designer Bertony Da Silva went further...

New York, United States

Opening Ceremony x Esprit

Opening Ceremony and Esprit announce their exclusive collab for Fall 2016...

Antwerp, Belgium

Grand Opening

2016 is an exceptional milestone for us at Nightingale: as well as opening a second office in Berlin and launching an online news platform, our Belgian HQ moved to a new location in Antwerp.

Antwerp, Belgium

UGLY.BE The Shop

This summer Antwerp welcomed a new must visit interior destination: UGLY.BE The Shop. This store is a brand new component...

Zeebrugge Beach , Belgium

Smokin' Roquette at WeCanDance

Festivals are no longer only about music. More than ever people are looking for a total experience: the food, sleep accommodation and fringe activities need to be as top notch as the music programme...

Antwerp, Belgium

I can stand the rain

What to do when being inside looks more appealing than its counterpart? You wear something cosy, engage in some rainproof activities and...

Antwerp, Belgium

Discover Sissy-Boy's FW16 collection

Dutch concept store Sissy-Boy released the campaign video of its FW16 collection containing shots of some stunning fashion and design items...

Antwerp, Belgium

JOBS | progressive PR junior

Nightingale is looking for a progressive PR junior to start as soon as possible.

Antwerp, Belgium

The bomber jacket

You simply can't ignore it: the bomber jacket is everywhere. For the upcoming fall/winter collections, many brands...

Los Angeles, United States

L.A. is calling

For its FW16 collection, German label Drykorn experiments with iconic fashion trends and subcultures from the past... 

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Introducing These Cavemen

These Cavemen is a creative film collective based in Amsterdam. In collaboration with menswear clothing brands...

Berlin, Germany

Opening Nightingale Berlin

This week Nightingale officialy opened its new office in the European capital of start-ups: Berlin. The experimental marketing agency celebrated its expansion...

London, United Kingdom

Experimenting in a digital universe

DVTK is a creative team, which consists of David Broner and Kim Boutin. Both combine their fields of expertise to...

Antwerp, Belgium

Convoi opens its doors

Today, the first container shopping village in the Benelux opens its doors. In 45 containers, new and established labels will be... 

Antwerp, Belgium


Nightingale is moving to a new experimental workspace. 

Address: Hertsdeinstraat 26, 2018 Antwerp

Antwerp, Belgium

A new wave of city transport

2016 will be remembered as the year in which the Vesper, an electric step that meets all the needs of modern transportation, was launched. This revolutionary means of transport... 

New York, United States

Chaos Magic

Renowned New York trend agency K-hole declared 2016 the year of “chaos magic”. In short this means we do not settle for...

Antwerp, Belgium

Athos Burez on flowers, tyrants and vampires

Meet Athos Burez, a gifted photographer with a Master’s degree in Fine Arts who lives and works in Antwerp. We presented him ten questions from the Proust Questionnaire...

Antwerp, Belgium

The ultimate guide to going green in the city

Green spaces in the city are noticeably decreasing. As a response to this decline, city inhabitants are inventing new ways...

Aarhus, Denmark

Nouveau Scandinavian style

The Danish fashion brand Minimum is known for its clean Scandinavian designs. For the FW16 collection, the label is choosing a new direction...

Antwerp, Belgium

From Fashion to Baudrillard

Meet Jef Claes, a 27-year-old photographer with an eye for the otherwise unseen. He is the man behind the impressive photo shoots of young Belgian labels Arte Antwerp and Six Edges. We sat down with him to discuss his work...

Berlin, Germany


Nightingale is opening a new office in the European capital of start-ups: Berlin. The experimental marketing agency is starting its international adventure by...

Brussels, Belgium

Renaissance anarchy meets contemporary art

The FW16 shoe collection by Morobé is called ‘Renaissance Anarchy’ and is inspired by the luxurious and extravagant lifestyle of the English Tudor dynasty.  For the additional photo shoot...

Antwerp, Belgium


As an experimental marketing agency, Nightingale wants to exploit all possible opportunities to reach its target group. By presenting its daily practices online...