Levi’s & Swapfiets

riding together for the future

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Living by the mantra: “Buy better, wear longer” iconic denim label Levi’s® is constantly looking for ways to become a more durable brand. On this quest, Levi’s® discovered a shared vision at Swapfiets, the world’s first ‘bicycle as a service’ company. Both brands were looking for a long-term relationship with their target group and asked us to come up with a smart action to raise awareness. Therefore we created a 360° concept & campaign going live in 5 countries throughout Europe, featuring the Double Denim Riders.

The Double Denim Riders

The Double Denim Riders are the warriors of this mission. Like rebels with a cause, they ride through different cities spreading the importance of durability by using biking gear made to stand the test of time.

Dressed in a full Levi’s® double denim look and equipped with a sturdy Swapfiets bike, the blue movement took over Amsterdam and Berlin, launching a movement intended to inspire and spread throughout the rest of Europe.

Visualizing the vision

Besides coming up with the campaign concept, our Nightingale studio was asked to create the campaign logo, baseline and window design. Our baseline rings: “Riding together — for the future”, engaging the crowd to join the movement of the Double Denim Riders. We captured the baseline in the logo design by nodding to a bicycle wheel, combining both brands in the middle.

Taking over the city

Our Double Denim Riders took over the streets of Amsterdam and Berlin. As a guerilla activation we enivisioned this huge group of double denim bikers to ride through the city, catching a lot of stares from the passers-by, driving past both the Levi’s® and Swapfiets stores. We captured our activation ride in a video production meant for the digital campaign. The end result? An inspiring social media campaign, combining both imagery and video snippets, to engage the audience in joining our movement. To engage in being more durable and becoming their own version of a double denim rider.


Concept and 360° campaign by Nightingale
Logo design by Nightingale studio
Imagery by Tijs Vervecken
Video production by Gunter Blokken for CZAR productions and Ingrid Deus
Support production by We Make You Happy


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