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Terre Bleue
  • Rebranding
At Terre Bleue, evolution is not just a phase; it's a commitment to staying true to their roots while embracing a fresh, contemporary vibe. When they approached us with the desire to rejuvenate their brand identity, we knew we were looking forward to a journey that would blend tradition with innovation and heritage with modernity.

Bridging Tradition with Innovation

Terre Bleue‘s iconic logo was a testament to their rich history, yet it yearned for a contemporary touch. Collaborating closely with brand consultant Kate Stockman, we translated the brand strategy that paid homage to history while embracing tomorrow. Retaining the recognizable logo icon was paramount to preserving Terre Bleue’s brand essence. However, our challenge lay in infusing it with a fresh, timeless appeal. 

Sculpting The Visual Story

We delved into every facet of Terre Bleue’s visual identity – from typography to color palette, from communication materials to brand imagery. Each element was curated to resonate with the brand’s ethos and aspirations.

Out went the muted blues; in came the vibrant new statement blue. This bold color choice radiated energy and vitality, complemented by the distinctive charm of the new typefaces – a nod to both tradition and innovation. Each design element was infused with warmth, authenticity, and a sense of belonging – resonating with Terre Bleue’s audience on a deeper level.

As Terre Bleue unveils its new identity, we stand proud as partners in their journey of transformation. Together, let’s celebrate the power of creativity, collaboration, and the enduring spirit of reinvention. Experience the New Terre Bleue here.

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