A full-swing rebranding

Slow beauty and a conscious lifestyle have been at the heart of Clothilde ever since the start in 2019. Over the past few years this feel good, do good brand matured. It was time for a re-evaluation of the original vision and a brand-new look to match it up with – Nightingale happily did both.
According to Chloé and Dries, the owners of Clothilde, there is beauty in taking care of yourself and of your surroundings at once. With their carefully curated selection of eco-friendly beauty products, they want to inspire customers to bring out their inner beauty to the outside in a sustainable way. By investing in high quality, slow beauty items, customers take care not only of themselves, but also of their future and their environment. To Clothilde, that’s what true beauty is all about.


To be able to better define and position Clothilde, Nightingale did a thorough research of the slow beauty market. Slow beauty is defined by a spritualization of beauty; it’s the antithesis of the fast-moving beauty industry world that sells us quick fixes. Instead of prescribing fixed beauty standards, the slow beauty movement asks us to embrace aging and diversity by means of naturally formulated beauty products.


Two trends came up during the research. The first: ingredient-led beauty and honest products. Younger customers appreciate clinical, high-tech formulas, that moreover are explained in transparent wording. Secondly, customers tend to more and more use their skincare in a meditative way: applying their daily cream as a moment of wellness, a well-deserved break. Clothilde embraces both trends by offering its customers aesthetic brands that are produced with consciousness, respect and the right ethics in mind.


As such, Clothilde is paving the way and showing other players in the market what slow beauty is all about. In our eyes, more than a beauty store, Clothilde is an actual movement, and a pioneer at the same time. Nightingale redesigned the appearance of the brand – which included the logo, typography and color scheme – to emphasize this newly-found, matured confidence. This new look & feel is characterized by a mix of softness and toughness; a little rock & roll in a feminine way; a focus on craftsmanship and sustainability; surprising elements in a relaxed setting; a sense of humor that is as refined as it is rebellious.


More than before, Clothilde, in its revamped 2.0 version, wants to raise awareness and inspire customers to live a more beautiful, conscious life. The brand takes a clear social stance: it shows that it cares, not in an obnoxious way, but in a committed, humorous and slightly rebellious way. By emphasizing the necessity of advising clients face-to-face, Clothilde offers a unique shopping experience that will leave customers feeling inspired to not only love themselves more, but also be kinder to the world they live in.

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